Calculate Your Astrology Birth Chart

Create your free, personalized, and highly customizable birth chart (natal chart) by filling in the form below. Our Birth Chart Calculator allows you to hide/show planets and asteroids, choose a house system, customize orbs, show declinations, sidereal charts and more.

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What Is a Birth Chart?

Essentially, a birth chart serves as a physical representation of the sky’s arrangement at the moment of your birth. At first glance, the chart may seem like a large 12-slice pie chart, with each slice, or “House,” representing one of the 12 zodiac signs and a significant aspect of our life.

The lines that intersect in the middle are known as “aspects,” and denote conjunctions, trines, sextiles, squares, and oppositions. They offer insight into how the planets in your birth chart are interacting with one another. By examining the thickness and color of these lines, you can gauge the strength and nature of the connection between the planets.

To interpret your birth chart, consider these three aspects in tandem: the planet in its corresponding zodiac sign, the House in which the planet is placed, and the connections it has with other planets. This information can reveal intricate details about an individual’s personality, fears, strengths, insecurities, family, childhood, and much more.

What Does My Birth Chart Tell Me?

A Natal Chart is essentially a celestial snapshot that captures the universal energies present at the moment you arrived on this planet. It serves as a roadmap to comprehending the factors that have contributed to shaping one’s unique identity. Unlike a typical horoscope, our free birth chart provides an in-depth analysis of the most enigmatic aspects of an individual’s personality. It is the most comprehensive horoscope one could ever receive. It reveals the implications of the planetary placements of Mercury and Mars. In addition, the impact of their interactions on one’s character.

How Accurate is My Chart?

By inputting your birthdate, time, and location, you can discover if you fall under a cusp sign and its implications. In addition, you can explore the precise positions of all the planets in your chart. Such as Uranus, Saturn, and Jupiter, among others. Furthermore, you can analyze how the interactions between these planets influence your overall horoscope.

For a highly precise birth chart interpretation, you must provide your date of birth along with the hour, minute, and place of birth. In addition, your ascendant and house placements are determined by your exact birth time.

If you are uncertain about your exact birth time, an approximate estimation is acceptable. Alternatively, you may enter 12:00 noon.

How Do I Read My Chart?

Your birth chart depicts the position of each planet in different zodiac signs at the moment of your birth. Some planets may be clustered in the same constellation while others may be spread out. Each planet has a unique role. Therefore, by comprehending their significance, you can gain insight into your personality and path in life.


Your primary sign in the birth chart is determined by the location of the sun. This sign symbolizes your conscious identity, ego, and self-image. Commonly known as the sun sign or star sign, it is the zodiac sign you typically disclose when someone inquires about your astrological sign.


Mars governs our physical drive, action, and passion. It represents the divine masculine energy and influences how we assert ourselves in the world. Examining the placement of Mars in your birth chart can provide insight into what motivates you and gives you a sense of direction. This planet’s energy can be seen in action when you are under pressure, competing, or rushing to meet a deadline.


The planet Mercury governs both our communication style and thought patterns. Examining Mercury’s placement in your birth chart can provide insights into how you perceive and reason. By doing so, you can learn more about your decision-making process and how you handle the distribution of information.


Your Saturn sign can provide insights into your approach to work and professional achievements, as well as your level of ambition, discipline, and maturity in life.


Being a planet of fantasy and illusion, the placement of Neptune in your chart can demonstrate the areas in your life that could bring up confusion. It may address the parts of your life that you tend to avoid or try to sweep under the rug.

The Moon

Your moon sign is a representation of your emotional and inner world, including your shadow self. By examining the key traits of this sign, you can gain insight into your most private self, your intuition, and your relationships with the main maternal influences in your life.


Venus, the planet of pleasure, love, and money, represents the divine feminine. Your Venus sign can offer insights into how you approach love, courtship, and romance, as well as your personal preferences and tastes.


Jupiter, the planet of growth, prosperity, spirituality, and philosophy, can provide valuable insight into your beliefs, education, and personal values. You can gain a deeper understanding of your attitude toward life, ethical principles, and aspirations. Additionally, the position of Jupiter in your chart can uncover your views on wealth, blessings, and long-distance travel.


Uranus is a planet that represents individuality and the unexpected. Its placement in your birth chart can reveal how you handle change and unconventional situations. Additionally, give insight into your unique personality traits.


Despite its small size, the impact of Pluto’s energy cannot be underestimated. Its position in your birth chart can reveal the areas of your life where creation and destruction intersect. Pluto represents your hidden, primal self that may surface during intense moments.